Hey you, yes you! 

My name is Avery and I’m happy you’re here! If you’re looking for someone to take your photo, want to check out the blog, or are simply Internet Stalking – welcome! A few things you may find out about me are: I’m a big fan of pretty things, really good chips + salsa, trendy shoes, and adore coffee shops. If you can relate on even just one of those levels, I have a feeling we will be good friends. Kick back and stay a while!

Traverse City + Mackinac Trip

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Can we all agree summer is a crazy, crazy time? I have goals and dreams to blog more, mainly to document the trips that Mike and I take in our young, fun married years without children. Anddddddd, I’ve been failing a bit. Whatever. There’s always room to grow, amiright? Anyways, this July Mike and I […]