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Traverse City + Mackinac Trip

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Can we all agree summer is a crazy, crazy time? I have goals and dreams to blog more, mainly to document the trips that Mike and I take in our young, fun married years without children. Anddddddd, I’ve been failing a bit. Whatever. There’s always room to grow, amiright?

Anyways, this July Mike and I took an early one-year-of-marriage trip to Mackinac and Traverse City. SIDE NOTE: SO CRAZY WE’VE BEEN MARRIED FOR A YEAR!

So, we camped it out at Mill Creek Campground.

They offer a shuttle to the ferry, plus amenities like a pool, general store, ice cream, arcade, wifi. Basically, you forget you’re camping 🙂 So, grabbed Cliff bars and some Starbucks (I’m working on converting Mike into a coffee drinker) and headed to Mackinac Island.

Day 1: Mackinac Island

Once we arrived, we rented a tandem bike, per my request. Little did I know riding that bike would be the ultimate test of our marriage. Dating/engaged couples, ride a tandem bike, I promise you’ll learn a lot about your relationship 🙂

Along the way, we saw some pretty sites. Like Arch Rock, for example. To be honest, I saw mostly Mike’s back (tandem bike, remember?)

 See above ^^^

Then, we hit up the shops and ate at the Pink Pony. I’m a big fan of that place, y’all. Fish tacos and live music….need I say more?

Did you guys know there’s a cute lil hipsta coffee shop on the island? I didn’t…but I found one. *Insert emoji with sunglasses* (The Lucky Bean)

If you guys are looking for the best fudge spot, Murray Hotel is it!

(Side note, does anyone know what type of tree/bush this is? I plan on having one in our future home because it’s so freaking pretty.)

At this point, we were suppppper tired and my $5 shoes from Target weren’t cutting it. So home we went, and Mike, true to self, fell asleep on the ferry ride home. Mackinac, you didn’t disappoint.

Day 2: Traverse City

After packing up camp, we hit the road. I kid you not, the minute we entered Traverse City limits, Mike perked right up. For those of you that have heard Mike talk about Mama Lu’s street corn, you understand why. HE’S OBSESSED. Needless to say, we dropped off our bags at Park Place Hotel and walked 6 minutes to Mama Lu’s Taco Shop. Guys, if you learn nothing (and are still reading this) #GetTheCorn. It’s $4 of heaven and, let’s be real, will make your man insanely happy. 

(To your left, you’ll see Mike eating said corn)

Then, we wandered through the grape vines. More like pranced.

(Dress: Target $12 / Sunglasses: Loft $12 / Shoes: Sam Endelman $11)

The next day, we went to one of my favorite coffee shops: BLK MRKT coffee. If you haven’t been, go. The baristas are great, plus it’s in a great warehouse full of fun shops. GO.

All in all, the trip was fab. I can’t believe I’ve been so blessed to be married for one year to the funniest, godliest, kindest man. I truly was given the best person to do life with. To many more, Mike!

Tara + Austin


Get ready to witness Tara and Austin’s sweet, sweet, sweet courthouse wedding. Prep yourself for the classic Bridesmaid pose, a dab from Austin’s brother, and vows written on a McDonalds bag. One of my favorite parts of the entire day happened during Tara’s teary vows. Austin reached over to wipe her tears and Tara quickly said, “Blot! Don’t wipe!” to which the room erupted in laughter. It was a joyful day full of smiles. Enjoy!

Anna + Elijah



Lake Huron loves

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